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Wiehe Memorial



In Memory of Sarah Wiehe

It is with great sadness we report the passing of Sarah Wiehe, PAS Board Member for many years. 

Sarah served for many years on the PAS Board of Directors from March 2003 onward, including several years as Vice President and PAS Liason to Foothill College.  She was instrumental in working with Foothill College during the transition from the old 16" Newtonian telescope to the new modern 16" Schmidt-Cassegrain now being used.  The remake of the Board Room downstairs at Foothill, the computers, eyepieces, H-alpha Solar Telescope, etc. were very much due to her labors.  She had an excellent working relationship with the College.

Thank you, Sarah, for all your years of service to our Club.  You will be greatly missed.


The next PAS meeting is Friday January 9, 2015

7:30 pm, Room 5015, Foothill College

Featuring Faride Khalaf

"SLS: Our Next Ride"

"For some time, NASA has been looking beyond single-entity space transportation programs. Our future in space has never been more secure or exciting.  Over the last half century NASA was the sole entity to design our entire space program by wading ankle deep in the ocean that is our corner of the universe.  With the knowledge and experience gained through risk and expenditure, it is time to pay huge dividend to the investors.

We are now, for the first time in history, launching privately designed and built large scale space vehicles successfully.  There are many corporations contending to provide commercial space transportation for NASA as well as for those private citizens with means and will to rise above the Earth’s atmosphere for that rare glimpse at our home planet.

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) is the new protocol for the American Space Program.  By sharing several decades’ worth of essential and invaluable scientific data along with expertise and oversight, NASA is laying the foundation for a thriving aerospace industry and providing a great boost to our morale and economy.  The SLS is an elaborate approach to lifting crew and cargo into the sky in a way that is safe, economical, and with greater options and flexibility.  In this presentation you’ll gain some insight into the future of space travel and understand how our traditional means of exploration are now history."

Faride Khalaf began his aviation career as a skydiver in 1980's and went on to earn his Airframe and Power plant licenses (A&P) from the College of  Alameda in California.  Faride is an FAA Certified Aircraft Inspector, was an Aircraft Mechanic Instructor at the late Sierra Academy in Oakland, and was a General Aircraft Mechanic at United Airlines for a decade.  While at United Airlines, Faride spent two years teaching structural repairs to aircraft and for two years was a Fuel Systems Specialist.  He is the sole owner of a 1947 Cessna 120 airplane.  Faride is an amateur astronomer and works with the astronomy programs at the Chabot Science Center’s as a volunteer.  His presentations are in high demand at Chabot and all around the Bay Area.

Next Speaker:  Dr. Bruce Macintosh of Stanford University on February 13, 2015, speaking on the challenges of Explanet Imaging.

NOTE:  We will not have a December Club Meeting.  Happy Holidays!!

 Location: Foothill College room 5015, next to Parking Lot 5
Bring $3 for a parking permit



The Peninsula Astronomical Society is a group of some 200 Bay Area astronomy enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Some members are professionally trained in astronomy, others are just starting and have never looked through a telescope before. One thing that we all have in common is an interest in the sky.

The PAS holds meetings on the second Friday of each month at 7:30 pm on the campus of Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA (between San Jose and Palo Alto).  The meetings are usually held in Room 5015, next to Parking Lot 5 (see map). Each meeting features a speaker (or speakers) bringing us up to date on different topics in astronomy. The public is welcome to attend these meetings; there is no charge to attend.  Note, however, that there is a $3 charge for parking - visitor parking permits are available from the machines in the parking lots.  Please do not park in spaces marked "Staff" - you will be ticketed!

As part of its commitment to bringing astronomy to the public, the Peninsula Astronomical Society operates the Foothill College Observatory (click here for more information). The Observatory is staffed by members of the society who volunteer to conduct the regularly scheduled public programs.

In addition to operating the Foothill Observatory, the PAS has its own observatory in the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains. This location has AC power and room for members to set up their own telescopes at our monthly star parties. This site is also the home of the society's 12" telescope, available for member use after a checkout.

For informaton about membership in the PAS, click here.



PAS Logo clothing and other cool items are available at Cafe Press - click on the T-shirt:

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