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Foothill Telescope is CLOSED

Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19 and the extended Shelter-in-Place Order from the Santa Clara Counter Health Officer, PAS is canceling the Friday and Saturday public viewing sessions at Foothill Observatory starting the weekend of March 14/15 and continuing through at least the final weekend of May, when we will reassess the situation in collaboration with Foothill College.

March 11, 2020; updated April 7 and May 4, 2020


Foothill College Observatory


Operated by the Peninsula Astronomical Society, Foothill College Observatory offers weekly public programs.

These programs allow the public to directly view the wonders of the universe through the observatory's large astronomical telescopes. The observatory houses a 16-inch computer-controlled Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector, and a new hydrogen-alpha solar telescope.

Programs are free of charge, and are open to visitors of all ages. However, please note that the observatory is closed when it is cloudy.

For a map showing the location of the observatory click here.

Is the observatory open?  Check out our new webcam and find out...

View a
map of the sky above Foothill Observatory!

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