Foothill College Observatory is normally open to the public every CLEAR 1st and 3rd Friday night from 9:00 PM until 11:00 PM.  How do you know if the observatory is actually open?  Check the Calendar page first to see if a public observing session is scheduled.  But how do you know if the observatory is actually open, or it’s too cloudy?  We now have a webcam in the observatory!

The image is normally updated once a minute.  If the time shown on the image is current, then the image is being updated in real time.  If not, try refreshing this page – if the time or date is still wrong, the image is not being updated for some reason (probably a computer failure or power outage).

Some browsers (MS Edge for example) do not reload an image such as this – if you see an old date or time, try clearing your browser’s cache, or you might want to switch to Firefox or Chrome.